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September 29th, 2016

The sexy American singer Antonella Barba may have gone to Catholic schools and attended church choir and all that but she’s still one feisty kitty deep inside. Right after joining American Idol and ended her journey at top 16, she has received a ton of job offers which range from being a wedding singer to posing for magazines and all the way to doing sexy roles on TV shows but none caught her fancy apart from a secret offer she was handed from under a table while having some nice dinner-date meeting with her boyfriend and an agent. With Barba’s undeniable exotic features and slim physique, this particular agent lured her into a more lax part in his porn flick and she can actually take her man with her if she’s not comfortable having sex with just any dude.

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She was to have second thoughts until she’s told of this good news and so they went for it. Warming up on a couch for their interview, Barba and her boyfriend were naturals in turning into horny lovers, fucking hard and rough like no one is watching. This is exactly what the agent was looking for and it pleased him to know that Barba knows how to work it on cam while naked and humping on that stiff dick like she’s riding a damn horse on a beach’s shore. Indeed this slim hottie is full of surprises and probably made a better job banging on the couch in front of the entire world than singing the national anthem on national TV.

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May 23rd, 2016

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You gotta hand it to her for trying so hard reaching her dreams and still standing strong and proud after each failure. But these failure just made Antonella Barba strive harder in reaching new goals. Enough of the singing and gross reality shows, which not just expose her weaknesses but it destroys some of her friendships as well. Barba went on her way finding new set of crowds to mingle with and eventually found a new passion that lie in plain sight. Meeting this hot dude with a dick that doesn’t seem to rest, was by far the most exciting thing that ever happened to her. It was so effortless, building her new career with this man and it’s all fun and games for both. The best part about their ‘job’ is that they get to unleash their wildest selves on cam, going overboard with fetishes and extreme lust and nobody dared judge them.

Simply because you all enjoy watching sexy sluts like Barba get their tight ass drilled by a horny naked jock. But she ain’t just any ordinary skank you watch on cheap porn flicks and this leaked sex tape of hers will make you want more from those amateurs you jack off to. Since meeting her new business partner in this hardcore hunk, Barba never looked back. She kept getting better and better with this new career where she freely gives herself with no reservations, letting her man take her in any way and possible position that they wanted. She can even make you hard through a glass window where she rubs her naked self on. You do have a hard on now, right? Well, that’s how hot she is and she finally found her real calling being a slut and all. Her talent lies in giving hot BJs and getting plowed in her holes.

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July 5th, 2010

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She  sucks, and I’m not just talking about her singing. Antonella Barba may not have won American Idol, but she did win over the hearts – or, well crotches – of men around the country with her oral sex prowess. Pictures of this American Idol contestant  supposedly going down on her boyfriend and sucking off his dick circulated and caused this singer to gain unwanted notoriety. She got eliminated on American Idol before the top 12 were chosen.

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Antonella is no stranger to controversy. Racy photographs of her surfaced on the Internet prior to the final twelve contestants being chosen. These previous included photos of her posing in a wet t-shirt in the fountain of the National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.  Antonella was quoted as saying that they “were photos of my personal life that got exploited without my consent.”  The photos also caused outrage because it was felt that students at a Catholic university should not take such photos.

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